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27th November, 2011

Press Release
November 27, 2011

The meeting of the National Executive of Indian Union Muslim League was held at the Speaker’s hall Constitution Club, New Delhi from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturday, November 26, 2011. The National President Hon’ble E. Ahamed Minister of State for External Affairs and HRD presided over the meeting. Maulana Mohibullah, Imam of New Delhi Jama Masjid recited the Qirat.

The demise of the following veteran League leaders was condoled and dua for maghfirat was made:

1.Haji Mohd. Yameen Ansari, Vice President, IUML - Uttar Pradesh
2.Ainul Abideen, General Secretary, IUML- Bihar
3.Noor Bhai, IUML Bijnore, Uttar Pradesh
4.Mohd. Akram IUML Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Inaugural Address:

Syed Hyderali Shihab Thangal, President of Kerala State Unit of Indian Union Muslim League inaugurated the meeting. Prof. K.M. Kader Mohideen, National General Secretary, welcomed the gathering. P.K. Kunhali Kutty, Minister for Industries & IT, Govt. of Kerala proposed the MLKSC Merger Resolution.

E. Ahamed, National President, gave the presidential address. He Stated that;

“In the history of Indian Union Muslim League, we have been facing challenges and opposition at various stages from different quarters and many people have tried to destabilise the party. Even after the party has been working to rejuvenate, some people want to weaken the party. This will not work. We are one, we are united and we will march forward to achieve our goal. Muslim League is not the old Muslim League, it is now a partner in the coalition government at the Centre. We have been trying to get as much development for the community as possible.

Sachar Committee report is, though, not fully implemented, but whatever is in place is because of the vigorous follow-up and pressure of the Muslim League and we will continue to pressurise in democratic way for the implementation of other recommendations also. We have been advocating for reservation for the Muslims in the service. As a Member of Parliament for the last 20 years, even before in Kerala, our whole focus was for achieving reservation for the Muslims in services. We have time and again represented before the Government of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh and Smt. Sonia Gandhi to make reservation for Muslim community. I hope Dr. Manmohan Singh Government will have to concede this just demand of our party to provide reservation for the Muslims in employment.
After assuming the additional charge in the Ministry of Human Resource Development, I have initiated a number of steps to improve minority education and to propagate Urdu in a big way. It was only 100 crores rupees allocated for Urdu in the 11th Five Year Plan. But, now we are pressing hard to increase it in the 12th Five Year Plan by five times i.e. 500 crores. Likewise, many areas are being scrutinised for further improving minority education.”

The proposal for merger of Muslim League Kerala State Committee (MLKSC) with Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), communications from the Election Commission of India to IUML, the political situation of the country and the organizational matters were taken into consideration. The following persons participated in the discussions;

1.Kausar Hayat Khan, President, IUML Uttar Pradesh
2.Syed Azam Moinuddin, General Secretary, IUML Andhra Pradesh
3.Mahmood Ahamed Thind, President, IUML Punjab
4.Naim Akhter, President, IUML Bihar & National Secretary
5.Shahenshah Jahangir, President, IUML West Bengal & National Secretary
6.Adv. Hashim Qureshi, Convener, IUML Gujarat
7.Eng. Rahmathulla Khan, President, IUML Pondicherry
8.Ghalib Hasan, General Secretary, IUML Uttarakhand
9.K.A.M. Muhammed Abubacker, General Secretary, IUML Tamil Nadu
10.M.S. Inamdar, President, IUML Karnataka
11.Shamim Ahamed, President, IUML Udaipur District, Rajasthan
12.C.H. Abdul Rahman, General Secretary, IUML Mumbai City
13.K.N.A. Khadar, MLA, Kerala
14.Habib Khan, General Secretary, IUML Maharashtra
15.Moinuddin, Vice President, IUML Delhi
16.Adv. Iqbal Ahmed, National Vice President
17.Abdul Samad Samadani, MLA, National Secretary
18.E.T. Mohammed Basheer MP, General Secretary, IUML Kerala
19.Syed Sadiqali Shihab Thangal, President, IUML Malappuram District, Kerala

The following resolutions were passed unanimously.

1.Merger Resolution
a)This meeting of the National Executive of Indian Union Muslim League resolves unanimously to welcome and accept the proposal of Kerala Unit of IUML (MLKSC) to amalgamate with the parent body and hereby authorize the Political Affairs Committee to take appropriate steps in both legal and technical issues including discussion/s with the Election Commission of India for its implementation.

b)A Political Advisory Committee consisting of the following persons was entrusted with the work to fulfill all formalities necessary for the completion of the merger process with the Election Commission of India.

1.E. Ahamed, National President
2.Prof. K.M. Kader Mohideen, National General Secretary
3.Syed Hyderali Shihab Thangal, Kerala State President
4.E.T. Mohammed Basheer, Kerala State General Secretary
5.K.P.A. Majeed, Kerala State General Secretary
6.P.K. Kunhalikutty, Minister for Industries, IT & Urban Affairs, Govt. of Kerala
7.Iqbal Ahmed Advocate, National Vice President
8.P.V. Abdul Wahab Ex M.P.
9.Abdul Samad Samadani MLA, National Secretary
10.Kausar Hayat Khan, President, IUML Uttar Pradesh
11.Adv. V. Jeevagiridharan, State Secretary, IUML Tamil Nadu
12.Khorrum Anis Omer, National Secretary

2.Political Resolutions:
1.The National Executive Meeting of IUML, while welcoming the steps taken by Dr. Manmohan Singh Government for part implementation of the recommendations of Sachar Committee Reports, urges the Hon’ble Prime Minister for early implementation of all the recommendations of the Sachar Committee, which are yet to be implemented despite assurances given to the minority community from time to time. Important decisions such as formation of Equal Opportunity Commission, installation of a database on Muslims Educational Social and such other data are still to be implemented.

Therefore, the National Executive Meeting of IUML resolves to request the Hon’ble PM Dr. Manmohan Singh to issue necessary instructions for earliest implementation of the recommendations.

2.There have been consistent and continuing demands by IUML and all sections of the Muslim Community urging the Government to lay the Ranganath Mishra Commission report on the table of the Parliament for a full fledged discussion and implementation of its recommendations.

The meeting places on record the deep sense of resentment of the lukewarm attitude on the part of the Government of India keeping the report in abeyance without taking any action on it. Various sections of backward classes and all supporters for the cause of social justice are one in demanding the Government of India for the implementation of Ranganath Mishra Commission Recommendations.

The National Executive of IUML urges the Government of India to take an early decision for the implementation of the recommendations of the Report ensuring assured reservation to the Muslims in the Central and State Services.

3.Organizational Matters:
1.State Office Bearers elections held in Tamilnadu and Puducherry were ratified

2.The states other than Kerala, Tamilnadu and Puducherry the membership drive and organizational elections are to be completed by January 31, 2012. To monitor the work at various states the following persons were nominated as observers:

For west Bengal, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand & Madhya Pradesh
a)Iqbal Ahmed Advocate, National Vice President
b)Naim Akhter, National Secretary

For Bihar, Rajasthan, Punjab, Delhi & Uttar Pradesh
a)Khorrum Anis Omer, National Secretary
b)K. Muhamed Kutty

For Maharashtra Goa & Gujarat
a)Dastgheer I. Agha, National Treasurer
b)C.H. Abdul Rahman, IUML Mumbai City President

For Assam
a)Shahensha Jehangir, National Secretary

For Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh
a)K.A.M. Abubacker, IUML Tamilnadu General Secretary
b)N. A. Abubacker, Karnataka

3.The State Units of IUML were asked to complete the process of electing the members to the National General Council by March 31, 2012.

4.A National Convention of Muslim Youth League is to be held in the month of April-2012 in Kerala. Syed Sadiqali Shihab Thangal is nominated as the Convener of the Steering Committee and the following members are to assist him in preparation:
1.K.M. Shaji MLA, Kerala
2.Adv. N. Shamsuddin MLA, Kerala
3.M. K. Mohd. Younus, Tamilnadu

Representatives for various states are to be nominated by the National President, E. Ahamed

5.A Monitoring committee consisting of Advocate Iqbal Ahamed, E.T. Mohamed Basheer M.P., Khorrum Anis Omer, K. Mohamed Kutty and K.A.M. Muhammed Abubacker has been constituted to oversee and assist the state units of IUML in participating the forth coming Assembly elections in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakand, Punjab, Goa and Manipur.

6.In the light of the new developments in the organization, a Constitution Amendment Committee was constituted with the following persons:
1.E.T. Mohammed Basheer MP - Convener
2.Advocate M. Ummer, MLA Kerala
3.Advocate V. Jeevagiridharan, IUML Tamilnadu State Secretary
4.Advocate Hashim Qureshi, Gujrat

Vote of thanks
National Secretary Khorrum Anis Omer proposed the vote of thanks

30th June, 2011

Thursday, June 30, 2011

E. Ahamed, President of Indian Union Muslim League addressed a huge gathering of party workers in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

IUML President and Minister of State for External Affairs Janab E. Ahamed visited Meerut city today to address the State Conference of Party workers and leaders in view of the upcoming Assembly elections in the state. He asked the party workers to work hard and repeat the success story of the party in the recent Kerala Assembly Elections where IUML broke its previous record and gathered 20 out 24 seats. The result of this success is that now there are 4 Ministers of IUML in Kerala government. Important ministries like IT, Industry, Education, PWD and Panchayati Raj and Local Self Government are held by IUML Leaders in Kerala. He mentioned that unless we come to power we will never be able to solve our problems.

Mentioning about the political parties in power in the state, he stated that before the elections both Mulayam Singh and Mayawati ji made tall promises to initiate welfare programs and provide reservation for minorities and other Backward Classes. But they never fulfilled any promises. They only talk about minority issues and reservation when they are out of power. There are more that 19 percent Muslims in Uttar Ptradesh and only 2.5 percent in the government jobs. This is a pathetic situation and this alone shows the condition of minorities, particularly Muslims in the state.

On the issue of implementation of Sachaar Committee recommendations he mentioned that UPA government has done remarkable work by providing scholarships to Lakhs of Muslim students all over the country, but there is lot more to be done and the UPA government is committed to this issue. IUML, which is a part of UPA in the Central Government, will make sure that these recommendations are fully implemented.

Mr. Ahamed also visited the IUML Meerut City office and was given warm reception at several places in the city. National Secretary Khorrum Anis Omer accompanied Mr. Ahamed from Delhi. UP State President Kausar Hayat Khan, General Secretary Dr. Mohammed Mateen, State Secretaries, Adv. Ishrat Hussain, Adv. Mohd. Uvais and other state leaders attended the program.

Khorrum Anis Omer
National Secretary
Indian Union Muslim League

© 2012 Indian Union Muslim League